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Valentines day gift for Music Lovers

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Valentines day gift for Music Lovers
Valentine's Gift for Music Lovers.
Hi everyone,
Thought I would share this great valentines day gift idea which you can get for the man in your life.
My husband works in the radio industry and absolutely loves music
You rarely see him without his iPod listening to the latest in new music. This valentines day I wanted to get him a gift that spoke to his love for music but was something practical that he would love to wear for work or for going out socially so I got him this great pair of socks from Socking Behaviour.
I know this will be the best valentines day gift idea I have ever found.
Happy valentines day everyone, hope you all have a romantic day with you and your significant other.  
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last year
great idea and love these socks. Going to send my wife a hint hint nudge nudge - :)