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Trendy Socks for Men

By Socking Behaviour
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Trendy Socks for Men
Trendy Socks for Men 
Which Pair Would you Wear?
Let us know which of these trendy socks you'd wear!
Stripes or Solids?
Check them out at  Socking Behaviour!
Level 4 (XP: 1150)
I love the stripes! Solid pattern socks are the more safe way to go and most guys would wear them, but the stripes are more lively. Love the Bugatchi Fuchsia Striped pair for sure!
Level 1 (XP: 0)
last year
Stripes and patterns are much for fun and bold. If you want to look great than make a statement.
Level 3 (XP: 700)
last year
If you are going to make a statement then make a statement. Hands down the stripes win!!
Level 8 (XP: 3050)
last year
I like the solids. Looks more classy but still gives a great pop of colour and shows them you can be a bit daring with your fashion.
Level 10 (XP: 4650)
last year
I would Definitely go with the stripes. Much for bold and eye catching.