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Storm Troopers and Dress Socks

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Storm Troopers and Dress Socks
Storm Trooper and Dress Socks
"The Force is Strong with this One"
I am so excited about the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!!!" So much so that I have picked out the clothing my boyfriend will be wearing when we go watch it, and how could I forget his trendy dress socks?!
I love the black and white polka dots, they go well with the rest of the outfit and he can show off his nerdy passion for both Star Wars and  stylish socks! (Yeah so the Storm Trooper kinda helped)
Stylish socks + New Stars Wars = awesome combination! :) 
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2 years ago
Ahhhhhhhhh! That's amazing!

That is too adorable, you deserve to win for posting something THIS awesome!!!!
Ha-ha the force is strong with this one, love it! Can't wait for the movie either, and I love the polka dot dress socks. Very nice! :)