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SOCKING BEHAVIOUR Best Mens Dress Socks Toronto

By Socking Behaviour
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SOCKING BEHAVIOUR Best Mens Dress Socks Toronto
Gents - isn't it time you got yourself your own valentine's day gift...or at they very least give your significant other a hint?
At Socking Behaviour you will find the best men's dress sock.
Browse our collection and choose individual pairs that you love or have fun with our unique sock of the month club where each month we will send you a new pair of funky socks. 
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Level 4 (XP: 1150)
5 years ago
I am becoming more and more of a fan of the Bugatchi brand of socks. The Fuchsia Pencil Striped men's sock that is featured in photo is so trendy! The solid pair is just as nice but the pencil striped version is my favourite.