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Men's Wedding Socks Toronto

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Mens Wedding Socks Toronto
Men's Wedding Socks Toronto - SOCKING BEHAVIOUR 
The classic guy is somewhat mysterious, dreamy and charming. That guy that makes a statement when he enters a room, he never shows off, but rather brings out his confidence in his own way. His wardrobe and choice of style are the two aspects of his presence that draw attention.and he is comfortable in his own skin. 
Why not let him continue show his confidence on one of the most important days of his life through his unique fashion selections?  
Wedding Socks Toronto
Most men believe their style does not need to be changed because they are perfectly fine not wanting to dwell on their personal appearance. That is perfectly fine, but some men, like the classic guy, love to be unique, love to change things up and love to show their personality.
Your wedding day should include that unique personality. Most times, wedding attire for men usually just includes the suit, tie or bow-tie and dress shoes, but socks are now another item men can use to accessorize and match with the bride's wedding theme and colors! 
mens wedding socks toronto
Here are some tips for choosing the right sock style and pattern to match your wedding theme and colours:
1) Men's Wedding Socks: Material and Fabrics
- Take into consideration the fabric and materials used to make certain types of socks and think about which would better you. Are you getting married in the spring, summer, fall or winter? Choosing a cashmere style sock would be beneficial as they are warm, light weight and do not cause excessive sweating like something like wool would. 
The Bresciani brand carried by Socking Behaviour makes some of the most popular cashmere mens socks in the world. Have a look at the selection.

Mens wedding socks toronto
2) Men's Wedding Socks: Colors and Pattern
-Does the bride have a certain theme in mind? Has she chosen Tiffany blue, black and white or maybe a touch of orange? Take these into consideration when choosing the colors and pattern of the socks you want to buy, they can a bit more of an umph to your outfit and still go nicely with the overall color scheme of the wedding. Remember to choose patterns and colors to compliment your skin tone, hair, age and look and think about matching your socks with the bride's accessories as well. 
Looking for unique wedding socks in different colors and patterns? Check out the Happy Socks collection at Socking Behaviour and pick the right pair for you.
Wedding socks for men toronto
3) Men's Wedding Socks - Have fun, get the grooms men involved!
- Don't be afraid to mix it up and be bold! Have some fun and get your grooms men involved!
Very rarely do men get the opportunity to change up their style, ask if they would be willing to stand out by wearing some unique dress socks in different colours, patterns and styles! 
Mens wedding socks toronto
Be fashionable on your wedding day and get free shipping with Socking Behaviour! 
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6 years ago
wow so adorable. I love this concept.
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6 years ago
So pretty! I'm planning my wedding and am trying to get my fiance to wear nice bright socks! I mean, how cool would it be if all the grooms men had funky socks on!
Socking Behaviour
6 years ago
Awesome post! Thank you for sharing