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I got Dress Socks for Valentines Day

By Mark
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I got Dress Socks for Valentines Day
I got Dress Socks for Valentines Day 
My girlfriend got me dress socks from Socking Behaviour this past Valentines Day, I like the colour combinations and patterns. 
She got flowers and a stuffed Hedgehog, which she loved! 
I get to rock a new pair of dress socks and she gets to cuddle with her new hedgehog.
Win Win.
Socking Behaviour
8 years ago
Agreed. We're thrilled to know that you loved our dress socks! Your girlfriend has great taste, she picked our "Disco Tribe" pattern by Happy Socks. Very unique and popular. Glad you like it!
Level 4 (XP: 1150)
8 years ago
Super cute! It's so sweet that you're showing off your dress socks! :) I got my boyfriend tickets to the Toronto International Auto Show this year because he loves cars and he's not as nice as you and won't show off any of the clothing items I give him :P love the little hedgehog too! :)