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Funky Designer Men's Socks

Funky Designer Mens Socks
Funky Designer Men's Socks
Hi there,
Looking to get a few pairs of funky designer socks.
Can you tell me a bit about your business and how to make purchases?


By Socking Behaviour
Hi Meister!
Thanks for your question!
Well, Socking Behaviour is a Toronto based online designer sock shop and we carry multiple different kinds of socks from some of the world's most popular designer sock companies like Happy Socks, Bresciani and Falke just to name a few.
                  Funky Designer Men's Socks   Funky Designer Men's Socks     Funky Designer Men's Socks
At our online store you can search for items catering to your personal sense of style. You can shop by Brand, Pattern, Colour and Price.
You can sort through all the different brands and styles and see which one you like the most and the best part is that at Socking Behaviour all shipping is free! No minimum purchase amount is necessary!
Are you feeling adventurous? Our designer socks are perfect for show casing your wild side by mixing and matching with mismatched socks.
Funky designer mens socks
 Just select the style you like, add it to your cart and away it goes, delivered right to you.
If you find that you really like our socks consider joining our Sock of the Month Club which allows you to get a different pair of designer socks mailed to you on the 10th of the month. We personally select the Sock of the Month so you never have to worry about getting the same sock twice.
Funky Designer Men's Socks
I hope this has helped give you more information about the funky designer mens socks sold by Socking Behaviour.
Thanks for contacting us, have a look at our website and happy sock shopping!
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7 years ago
Socking Behaviour
8 years ago
Thanks for visiting our site and for the question. We have the best brand names and the funkiest socks on the web. We offer our clients two ways of purchasing our socks.
The first option is that you can click here to browse our selection and choose any pairs of socks that you love. You can sort by brand, patter, colour or price.
The second option is you can join our Sock of the Month club where as a member each month we will send you a new pair of socks. You can join our Sock of the Month club by clicking here:
Thanks for your interest and if you have any more questions let us know.