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Colorful Mens Dress Socks!

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Colorful Mens Dress Socks!
My husband was never one to be spontaneous with his clothing, all his clothes are either black, brown or dark grey. NOT ONE BIT OF COLOR anywhere. Obviously there is nothing wrong with this, everyone has their own preferences and comfort when it comes to clothing but as a colorful gal myself I wanted my husband to be able to experiment with color and mix and match his clothing to be more exciting!
I have spent countless hours in the Returns line at stores because he would refuse to try anything with funky prints or colors. It wasn't like I went crazy with my first time purchases nothing red or bright....I started off slow with navy blues and darker shades like that, but nope, no luck he would always send me back to the returns requesting the same item in black, grey or brown.
It wasn't until I came across colorful mens dress socks on Socking Behaviour that I figured, hey why not? What's another return gonna do to me? So I summed up the courage and purchased him two pairs of colorful mens dress socks as a Christmas gift online. Come Christmas morning, he opens his gift...and...what's this? No sly remark or pretend gratitude? (It's not that he's ungrateful, i just know based on his body language whether or not he'll wear the item). 
Nope! Instead I got a smirk, a smile, followed by "well these dress socks are interesting."
Not just that but he decides to wear one of the pairs of dress socks on New Years Eve! I can't tell you what a shock that was to me :)
He wore the black and white polka dot ones, it was a start. It took him a while to break into the Salmon pink but he eventually did.
I think its where they're dress socks and easier to conceal, they poke through every now and then but not as boldly as say a dress shirt.
Again, it's a start and I'm so happy he's wearing them, he's even requested more colorful dress socks for Christmas!!!
Socking Behaviour
last year
Agreed, a very nice story and I'm glad it was one you decided to share with us. We're always thrilled to hear stories from our customers who are happy with their purchase. If he is really happy with the socks and is interested in getting more, may I suggest signing him up for our Sock of the Month Club? He'll get a different colorful mens dress sock shipped to your home every month! Thanks again for sharing your story, and thank you for choosing Socking Behaviour!
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last year
What an adorable story! Some men just refuse to use any color in their wardrobe, especially colorful dress socks. I'm glad everything worked out and that your husband decided to give them a try!