Best Pair Of Socks

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I just received my first pair of Socking Behaviour Socks. As a present my wife got me a membership to your sock of the month club. All I can say is that these were no ordinary pair of socks. They were different from any pair I've ever owned before. They have a nice colorful stripe design that's blue, black, green, and orange. Not only are they the most colorful and interesting looking socks I've ever seen, but they also are extremely comfortable. I'm not sure exactly what kind of material it's made of, but it definitely feels different from any normal pair of socks I'm used to wearing. They are very soft on the insides, and they stick to my feet and ankles like they were made for them. They're so comfortable, I sometimes even forget I'm even wearing any socks at all after a while.
I can;t wait to see what pair you are going to send me next month. Thanks Socking Behaviour, the coolest club I have ever joined.