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Valentines day gift for Music Lovers

Valentines day gift for Music Lovers

By SailorHome Gifts1 comments
Valentine's Gift for Music Lovers.   Hi everyone,   Thought I would share this great valentines day gift idea which you can get for the man in your life.   My husband works in the radio industry and absolutely loves music   You rarely see him without his iPod ...
Valentines Day gifts for Him and Her

Valentine's Day gifts for Him and Her

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterHome Gifts1 comments
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her.   Valentine's Day is upon us once again and this year I was actually on top of things and decided to get my girlfriend's gift in advance. She get's something nice from Tiffany and Co. and I got myself a fancy new pair of socks to wear for ...
Valentines Day gift for my husband

Valentine's Day gift for my husband

By @WXYZHome Gifts0 comments
Valentine's Day gift for my husband   Hi Socking Behaviour,   Love your site.   Quick question I want to get a Sock of the Month membership  for my husband as a gift to him for Valentine's ...AnswerHey @WXYZ,   First of all thank you so much for your interest in Socking Behaviour!    Our Sock of the Month Club is becoming the more popular gift option amongst our customers as the gift ...
Best Valentines Day gift for him

Best Valentine's Day gift for him

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterHome Gifts0 comments
Best Valentine's Day gift for him.   Hey Socking Behaviour Team!   I am so happy I found your site.   I have been racking my brain for a gift to get for my husband on Valentine's day and ...AnswerHi Meister,   Our Sock of the Month Club is a very popular option for many of our customers. I'm glad that you've decided on choosing a subscription to the club as a gift for your husband this ...
Valentines Day Gift for men

Valentine's Day Gift for men

By SailorHome Gifts0 comments
Valentine's Day Gift for men   Hi there,   I think your socks would make for a great men's gift for  Valentine's day.   Do you have any socks that are specific to Valentine's day?   Thanks, ...AnswerHi Sailor,   Thanks for your question!   I'm glad you like the dress socks we carry, and I agree, our stylish socks would make an awesome gift.   Currently, we are offering Men's Dress Socks ...
How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterHome Gifts1 comments
How to Dress for a Job Interview   Big shout out to socking behaviour!!   Last week I went to a job interview that went extremely well. At one point during the interview the interviewer actually asked me where I got my socks. When I told him he said he would definitely ...
Best gift for men

Best gift for men

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterHome Gifts1 comments
Best Gift for Men   Hi All,   My wife just informed me that for part of my Christmas gift she signed me up to your Sock of the Month Club!!!   I am sooo excited to receive my first pair in January. You have a very cool company - thanks again,   I will certainly ...
My HolidayChristmas Socks

My Holiday/Christmas Socks

116.pngBy MarkHome Gifts0 comments
Here is one of the latest pairs of socks from HS (Happy Socks) that I love! Very stylish, bright and comfy, perfect for making a fashion statement. I'll be wearing these this holiday season, while everyone else is wearing their boring brown or black coloured dress socks, I'll be rocking ...
Fashionable Gift Dress socks for Guys

Fashionable Gift: Dress socks for Guys

By Stanley R.Home Gifts0 comments
Fashionable Gift: Dress socks for Guys   A necessity for the fashionable guy in your life is a great pair of modern dress socks.    Coming in an array of colours, prints and styles the dress sock makes the perfect gift for someone wanting to showcase ...
Colorful Mens Dress Socks
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Colorful Mens Dress Socks!

Colorful Mens Dress Socks!   My husband was never one to be spontaneous with his clothing, all his clothes are either black, brown or dark grey. NOT ONE BIT OF COLOR anywhere. Obviously there is nothing wrong with this, everyone has their own preferences and comfort when it comes ...